About 77

Rodger Sayles, Founder of 77 Software has over 30 years involved in the technology development, architecture and technology strategy. This includes business intelligence solutions for banking and fortune 100 companies to helping start-ups design their data strategies.  The team has a passion for creating technology strategies and the architecture to deliver the plan and being responsible for driving the next-level innovation. The team always takes a high-profile, high-impact role in any commitment we make.

77 Software has connections to top off shore firms and US technology assets to put together incredible teams that just meet the requirements for your project.  We keep our own staff small so we can bring in the right experts at the right time.  Many firms have a staff they have to keep busy so they push towards technology solutions that fit their experience.  Not 77 Software.  We design the best solution for your needs and then staff the project accordingly to maximize the ROI on your project.

Our dedication to perfection shows in our record.  We have never had a project fail.  Never!  This has taken far more than great technology people as few projects fail due to the technology team, they fail due to management, failure to gather correct requirements and change in direction from original scope.  Our process of gathering and documenting exactly what success is means to you insures we always reach it!

We also recognize that the technology implemented is only part of the solution.  You want to increase revenue, or lower costs.  Thats what is really driving technology.  At 77 Software we recognize those goals and implement technology with those goals in mind.

We Deliver Success!