5 Steps to Maximize Your eCommerce Profits

5 Steps to Maximize Your

eCommerce Profits

Step 1–– Magento Store Development

The bridge between eCommerce development technology and real-world profitability has emerged with the release of Magento into the marketplace!

Here’s why; Magento offers many benefits as a fully open source, customizable platform that offers extensive features. Magento stores are surprisingly affordable while offering a quality user experience that you might find in far more expensive solutions.

From your customer’s point of view, Magento stores tend to me more user-friendly, which means they are easier-to-use and navigate. That is––they get a more desirable shopping experience, they buy more products, they come back more often and they… become raving fans!

From your point of view and owner and administrator of a Magento store, there are plenty of benefits as well! You’ll find Megento to be an easy-to-manage and flexible eCommerce solution.

Magento services are overall very favorable to increased sales, profitability and enhance the ROI of all your eCommerce activities.

You’ll have a wide-range exciting possibilities when it comes to filling your sales funnel, marketing and showcasing your products in the best possible light––leading to more traffic, higher conversions; more sales, improved customer loyalty and greater profitability.

We have an expert team standing by and ready to work on a Magento site, if you decide it’s the best fit for you.

Now wait, because there’s yet another brilliant advantage of the Magento platform! It allows you to easily incorporate a variety of product descriptions and prices into one store – so that you can cater to customers of all languages. Having an international online store can be incredibly simple and painless to manage with Magento.

It gives you the ability to accept a wide variety of credit cards and payment options within one central place. You’ll be able to integrate with virtually any affiliate network including Clickbank thereby creating a powerful outside sales force to further expand your sales. And, the benefits don’t stop there…

…You’ll find a streamlined customer management system with your Magento store as well. It allows your customers to create profiles where they can track their order information, shipping and other details that might normally be done through customer service. The result––enhanced customer loyalty that keeps them coming back for additional sales opportunities, up-sells and cross-sells. You’ll increase the ROI of your investment in marketing and advertising.

Ultimately, we have an expert team of specialized designer/developers who focus almost exclusively on Magento development and programming. They have the necessary level of knowledge, skill and experience in order to design a solution that perfectly meets your needs.

Remember, only true Magento experts can design a perfect shopping cart with all the required features. They ensure a perfect, fully functional eCommerce store and customer experience for you.

Remember these benefits

  • Greater Expansion and Improved Profitability
  • Scalability––To meet growing online traffic volumes
  • Flexibility––To easily and rapidly create custom landing pages, perform catalog updates and other management tasks (sales, expansion, up-sell offers)
  • Easy Integration––With back office systems and external marketing service providers (tracking and drip marketing for continued sales and improved customer satisfaction)
  • Rapid deployment––to begin growing their online businesses (sales and expansion)

Benefits of Magento derived from five interviewed merchants with online revenues ranging from $10 million to $100 million

  • Increased scalability and stability––to support increases in average daily orders from 2,000 per day to 10,000 per day.
  • Flexibility to enable a broad range of functional requirements

––Integration with 3rd party marketing providers

––Enablement of custom business processes

  • Rapid time to market­­–– rapid deployment times (6 to 9 months) Variations due to project scope, resources used, scope of changes as well as other considerations.
  • Increased levels of marketing activities––Allowed the merchants to support more diverse and frequent marketing tactics
  • Major contributor to the overall revenue uplift

The Next 4 Steps Are Designed to:

  • Generate Revenue by Direct Sales of Client Products and/or Services
  • Create New Direct Online Sales and Revenue Opportunities
  • Build a Higher Level of Interest and Drive Sales Upward
  • Drive Sales by Educating Consumers About the Depth and Research Behind Products
  • Generate Desire
  • Research, Implement and Test
  • Further the Reach (expand targets, anti-aging, bodybuilding, Crossfit)
  • Campaign Implementation and Management

Additional Considerations and Benefits

  • Campaign Strategy & Execution
  • Ad Copy Creation & Testing
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Monitoring Ad Server Opportunities
  • Regular Exploration of New Markets & Mediums
  • Link building (SEO)

Step 2––Copy That Sells and Converts Clicks to Buys

Catapult Your Sales and Generate More Hot Prospects That Crave More of Your Products, Again and Again! Now you can have every word, every line and every paragraph of your SEO friendly web communications to act as magnets that entice that compels your buy.

You’ll have compelling SEO friendly copy for all segments, Display Ads, Banner Ads, Landing Pages and Sales Letter Pages, Sales Funnels and Product Descriptions developed, monitored and tested for improved sales conversion. A continual focus on fine-tuning and updating the ad copy, offers and pricing models that can be employed to ensure that you are capturing the attention of your target audience and drive conversion.

We create direct-response advertising copy coupled with dynamic e-commerce strategies. The combination sells more of your products and improves the ROI of your advertising.

Anticipate: improved sales, higher conversion and measurable profitability for B2C and B2B firms.

Expect: copy that stirs curiosity, speaks to your customers, draws them in and offers them something they need or want.

Own: it plants a picture of how your company, service and product will help them satiate their need, achieve their goals––compels them to own it––to take action and buy it.

To sell more––take the next step!

Step 3––Finding the Hungry Crowd

Imagine a hungry crowd waiting at the doors of your business (website) standing in line with their hands on their wallets begging to give you their money. Who are they? Where are they? They are on the search engines and various platforms silently looking have their wants and needs filled with the promise of your products and offerings. Key word research tells us who they are and where they are.

With key word research (for Pay per Click and SEO) as well as “like” (for Social Media traffic or what have they “liked”) selection and domain targeting (PPV traffic sources such as Lead Impact and Traffic Vance) allows for us to draw their attention, generate their interest and stimulate their desire. Did you know that some of the most highly searched key words are often those with low competition and therefore the most cost effective sources of traffic due to researched targeting.

Bust Open the Doors and Invite Them In

Now you can bust open the doors, and invite them inside your store. How?

Facebook + PPC + PPV = Superior Results

The Facebook advertising platform ethically empowers us with unprecedented targeting ability, pulling data not only from what users provide in profiles but from the 2 billion items around the web that are “liked” each day. Targeting capabilities on Facebook include:

• Age

• Gender

• Location

• Education

• Interests

• Friends

• Connections

• Relationship status

• Likes

• Status Updates

Paid Search – PPC – FB – PPV

Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most powerful advertising mediums with the ability to connect with buyers who are hungry for results and begging to buy. Facebook advertising provides a powerful punch adding reach and targeting. Finally, (PPV) allows up to access some of the most cost-efficient traffic available with unique ad placement.

Step 4––More Leads, More Traffic

Online Media Buying serves to reach more customers, in more places, with complete integration with PPC campaigns. The point of the effort is to maximize clients return on investment.

Ad placement with the various Ad-servers and Ad networks such as; Adshuffle, Bing, Lead Impact, Facebook, Zedo (a Remnant Inventory traffic source), Sitescout.com and Google as we test.

Step 5––Develop a Sales Funnel

Drip Marketing Increased Conversion, Up-Sell, Increase Reorder Rate, Customers that are Raving Fans

Follow up programs will be composed for an after purchase thank you as well as, cross selling and reorders.

And much, much more!

So if you’re curious excited about discovering how to Maximize your eCommerce Profits powered by Magento and you’d like to get a custom quote based on your specific needs, just call + 1-310-702-5698 OR 310-218-7389. Do it now!

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